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,UOB Malaysia CEO Ng Wei Wei

KUALA LUMPUR: United Overseas Bank (M) Bhd (UOB Malaysia) and The FinLab have launched the fourth edition of its Jom Transform Programme (JTP) to empower women to transform their businesses through digital acceleration.

The bank said the JTP is specially-curated to provide advisory and assistance in the areas of digitalisation for Malaysia’s *** all- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Themed JTP: Womenpreneur Edition, the programme aims to support women entrepreneurs through digital solutions that drive productivity, save costs and grow revenue.

“With women entrepreneurs making up only 20% of Malaysian SMEs, we see potential in supporting female-led businesses to thrive, particularly in e-commerce5. And this is why the Bank is creating an ecosystem through JTP to connect women entrepreneurs to one another and open doors to opportunities.

“As the needs of businesses evolve in line with new market realities, we want to also provide them with the right tools to future proof their businesses in this digitalised world,” chief executive officer Ng Wei Wei said in a statement.

The JTP will be conducted virtually on The FinLab Online. Participants will undergo a three-week business transformation curriculum starting June 28. Apart from receiving the relevant knowledge, tools and skills to digitalise their businesses, participants will also be guided by subject matter experts and mentors from UOB and its regional ecosystem partners in the area of digital transformation.

To further accelerate their digitalisation efforts, participants will also enjoy complimentary subscriptions to JomX solution of choice including cloud accounting systems, artificial intelligence and data *** ytics, by a host of JTP ecosystem partners for up to 13 months.

Since the launch of JTP in 2019, the programme has enabled more than 400 Malaysian SMEs to embark on their digitalisation journey.

For more information, visit

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